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Physical Memory Dump errors are a problem that are caused by the way in which your computer is not compatible with a number of settings & options that it requires to run. You're seeing this error because your computer is not able to read all the files and settings that it requires to process the information it needs to operate. Believe it or not, the "physical memory dump" just means that your PC has some sort of error that it's not able to process - leading it to just restart and become unable to process the information that it requires to run. The good news? You can fix this problem very easily, even if you're a beginner.

This error is caused by the way in which Windows will have to "dump" your settings into a file on the hard drive. The causes of this problem are that your PC either cannot read the hardware you have just installed, or you have a problem with the settings of your computer that are unable to run correctly. I always liken this particular error to a cold, in that the error itself is like a runny nose - it's not the problem, it's just a result of a much deeper issue. In order to fix the problem you have to be able to identify the issue that's causing it to occur in the first place and then resolve it.

If you're a beginner with computers (don't worry, only 2.56% of the people who read posts like this actually know how a PC works), the bottom line is that there is a part of your system that is causing your system to show the Physical Memory Dump error. This part of your PC is called the "registry", which is a centralized database which stores all the files and settings that your computer requires to run. The registry is continually being used to help make sure that Windows is able to operate as smoothly as possible, and is continually being opened to help make sure that Windows can reads the files, settings and information it requires to run. The registry is like a big book of information that Windows can load up at will... but for your PC, this part of the system will likely be damaged and corrupted.

If you want to fix the problems that the registry may have inside, you *have* to be able to fix the various problems that your system may have with the registry. Although there are some other problems that your system may have, the registry is the main issue that's causing your system to run with errors. Fortunately, you can fix this part of your system by using a "registry cleaner" tool to scan through your system and fix any of the errors which are inside. These tools can be downloaded from the Internet, installed and then let run on your computer. They will clean out any of the viruses and problems that your PC will have - boosting the speed and reliability of your computer as a result.

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